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At The Cornwall Bicycle Project, we are passionate about promoting a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle through cycling. We offer a variety of cycling programs, including educational classes, group rides and community events. Our programs are designed to be fun and inclusive, so everyone can learn and enjoy cycling at their own pace. We are proud to be funded and supported by local and national businesses and organizations who share our vision for a cycle friendly, healthy and sustainable future.

The National Lottery
Community Fund

The Cornwall Bicycle Project is committed to promoting cycling as a way of life, not only for health and fitness purposes, but also as a way of reducing environmental impact. We aim to inspire and support the community to take up cycling, regardless of age, ability or gender. With our National Lottery Community Fund award, we have been able to continue our mission to empower those groups that may be underrepresented in cycling activities, providing them with exclusive opportunities to learn, grow and transform their lives through cycling. Over the past 12 months we have be successful in providing many adapted cycle sessions for a variety of able and less able bodied cyclists, formed a ladies off-road MTB group. which has successfully upskilled females of all ages from a variety of backgrounds and formed new friendships

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Bikes for Brighter Futures:
Refugee Bike Donations

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In conjunction with  Cornwall Community Foundation, we are dedicated to making cycling available to everyone. We are passionate about promoting the benefits of cycling, from fostering a sense of joy and community to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment. By providing bikes for refugees and asylum seekers, we are able to help them access essential services and take part in their communities. 


Help us help those in need. Do you have an old bike you could donate to our cause? Every contribution counts! We accept Adults and Children’s bikes, they need to be in good working order with minimal rust.

Let's turn the wheels of change together! Your generosity can provide the means for a brighter, more mobile future for refugees in our community. Thank you for being a part of it.

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