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Come and join the fun

We are so excited to have had our most successful year at The Cornwall Bicycle Project doing what we love most! We have met so many amazing people and had so much fun, it shouldn't really be called work. Yet it couldn't be done without our dedicated team, partners and supporters, amazing volunteers and most importantly, those that join in our activities to make this all worthwhile.



Check out below what we have achieved this past 12 months!

Young riders

Facilitated over 420 young riders (252 funded places) through the coaching, clubs and bike loans we offer. This has included Learn to Ride, Saturday Club, After School Clubs, Bike Safaris, Night Rides & Balance and Bikeabilty Sessions


Enabled over 17 adults to ride a bike for the first time also providing confidence booster sessions and regular led rides for over 55 adults building social cycling communities for adult riders across Cornwall

Bike Maintenance

Enabled 160 riders to continue riding or to fix their own bicycles with Dr Bike, Pop-Up Bike MOTs and Learn to fix programmes (inc. female only sessions) across Cornwall.

Community support

Coordinated several races attended by over 300 riders. Supported many local festivals, charities, community & school fetes and events promoting cycling including Accessible Cycling, Youth Projects and other CICs.


Join Us

Be part of something

Maybe you are a cycling coach, ride leader or freelance mechanic who could help us out with our learn to fix sessions or a someone who would like to volunteer for us on either a regular or ad hoc basis at events or sessions. Maybe you have an idea or would like to put on an event that we could help you with - whatever it is, on or off the bike - we would love to hear from you.

ride leaders




race marshals

event assistants

Have an old bike you no longer want or need?

Recycle your cycle

Donate it to us and help make a difference

We will use your bike in our learn to fix programmes to be refurbished and then donated to individuals who may not be able to afford a bike or those who are without a mode of transport. If your bike has good resale value, we may sell it at an affordable price - this enables us to help more than one person as the money can be used to fund placements for our activities. Our aim is to recycle as much as possible, so should the bike be irreparable, we will dismantle it and use the reusable parts to rebuild other bikes. 

Two Man Bicycle Store
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