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We offer a range of cycling courses based in Cornwall, for all ages and abilities. If you've got any questions about the courses we offer, feel free to get in touch. 

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Nationally recognised cycle courses


LEVELS 1 - 3

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LEVELS 1 - 3

We offer this nationally-recognised course at three levels, so whether you’re just starting out or want to use your bike more safely you'll find the right one for you. Our professional instructors will help you develop better, safer cycling habits. Bikeability is underpinned by the National Standard for cycle training, a government-recognised set of principles. This programme is an improved, updated and more relevant version of the old cycling proficiency scheme.


This is a great training programme for anyone who has just gone through the Learn 2 Ride programme, and is looking for their next step in cycle training. For any parent, carer or guardian wanting to ride to work or to take their family out onto the highways and byways, this program will give you the knowhow, skills and confidence to help you feel safer whilst out on the roads.

Great for anyone who wants to develop their skills and experience in off-road riding, from those learning basic bike handling skills to riding long technical routes with advanced features. Go MTB is a fantastic skills development scheme for younger riders, and it can also benefit mature riders or anyone who wants to develop their off-road riding skills.There are four themes to the award and five levels within each theme for all levels of experience, from novice to expert. We can tailor the course to focus on skills that you're most interested in.​

The themes are:

  • Riding Skills

  • Sharing the Outdoors

  • First Aid

  • Being Independent and Self-Supporting


You'll learn to: 

  • Develop an awareness of safety

  • Develop specific mountain bike skills

  • Ride safely with concern for other users and the environment

  • Be suitably clothed and equipped for the situation

  • Become independent and continue to mountain bike as a sustainable and healthy activity.

our bespoke cycling courses

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Learn 2 Ride

Learn 2 Ride is our own programme, developed to teach new riders the skills they need to ride on their own. We’ve got a 100% success rate in teaching people to ride.

The length of these sessions is dependent on age and level of experience. We deliver this course in small, bite-size chunks as this has proven to be the best method for making learning stick. Learning to ride can be physically tiring, but it can be a mental challenge too: there's a lot to learn as you gain the confidence you need to be able to ride solo. It usually takes between one and four sessions to get you riding solo, with the aim of a bike ride of at least 2km by the final session.

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Cycle Safe
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Mechanic Training
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